40 Best Hairstyles For Grey Hair That Make You Look 10 Years Younger

In many women's eyes, having grey hair equals being old. That's just wrong! After viewing the grey hairstyles below, we believe that you will change your opinion and begin to don your silver locks with pride.

The Best Hairstyles for Grey Hair

Grey hairstyles look elegant and dignified. Therefore, there are numerous gorgeous hairstyles for grey hair. Generally speaking, it depends on your hair texture and hair length.

If you want short grey hairstyles, choose a pixie cut and add some texture to look chic and fantastic! If you want medium grey hairstyles, pay attention to the ends and layers. Curly ends are sassy and modern. As for long grey hairstyles, they are more difficult to maintain. But, sometimes a simple style is enough to show your charisma to the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and opt for the perfect one for yourself!

#1: Romantic Grey Curls


One tip to keep your grey hair looking young and modern is the curls. Yes, the curls or waves should be chunky and delicate. Use a styling product instead of a curling iron because heated hairstyling will cause damage to your hair.

#2: Cute Little Curls


It is a great experience to style your silver curls at the crown and it looks wonderful. Cut the back and two sides extremely short and leave no fringes. Being cute and cool is the aim of this hairstyle! The silver hair color makes you unique and you can match it with some shining earrings give it that extra pop!

#3: Soft Silver Waves


When you have gray hair, it doesn't mean you have to go short. Medium-length hairstyle can be a great choice for ladies who love to style the ends of their hair. Gray hair color and big waves are wonderfully complimentary and really bring out the sexiness in you.

#4: Sleek Purple Bob


Hair length doesn't have an age limitation, and neither does hair color. You can try a sassy and playful purple, or choose a pink, blue or magenta. This is a simple bob hairstyle, but with the color, it takes it to another level! If this permanent bright hair color dye freaks you out, try a temporary one.

#5: Modern Waves With Brown Crown


A gray curly bob is a combination of the classic and the modern. This hairstyle looks so effortless and stunning, due mainly to perfect layering and simple waves. Leave the top dark and it’ll give you a shimmering silvery effect.

#6: Colorless Highlights Hairstyles


When you have gray hair, don't worry! Just go for white highlights instead of blonde and you can still benefit from the look. This stylish mature hairstyle is a mixture of white hues, gray and black. A simple bob means elegance.

#7: Timeless Punk Style


Your hairstyle doesn't have to go exactly with your age. Even when you have gray hair, you can still choose to be awesome with tattoos and rocker haircuts! Show your attitude through the use of fun choppy layers and a sleek pixie cut.

#8: Grey and Layered With Curly Ends


Thanks to today's amazing hairstyle tips, incorporating slight curls in the ends can make you look youthful even with gray hair. What’s more, this shoulder-length hairstyle is a great choice to show off your femininity. Don't miss the opportunity to become sassy and sexy.

#9: Awesome Straight Grey


As you can see, this hairstyle is practically flawless! Can you believe your eyes? It's simply naturally gray hair that has been flat-ironed and center-parted. This hairstyle is really low maintenance and you can rock with it on any occasion!

#10: Flowy and Wavy Grey Hairstyles


Though naturally curly hair is difficult to control and tame, with a correct cut, you can still get what you want. A cropped bob is the right way to deal with your gorgeous curls if style it asymmetrical. This messy and undone look is unique and chic and one that you can wear every day.

#11: Pretty Natural Waves


Gray hair mixed with black hair looks both natural and comfortable. Leave the hair medium-length and curly to realize this elegant effect. As an extra bonus this gorgeous hairstyle is low maintenance. You really can wear this messy and enticing haircut to any occasion. It’s perfect!

#12: Beautiful Grey Curls


How sexy! This salt and pepper hair color is super sexy with its romantic curls and layers. These curls really do breath life into your hair and can make the whole look gorgeous and refined. This medium length hairstyle is just as suitable for women with gray hair.

#13: One-length Cut


Long gray hair can be very hard to pull off, so hairstyles like this one are usually the right compromise. This sleek bob keeps your femininity and style, but it is short and angled enough to look chic and modern. Make it one-length and don’t forget that the fringes are indispensable.

#14: A Classic Pixie Style


Admit it or not, gray hair can be elegant and gorgeous, especially when it is matched with this classic pixie hairstyle. Sweep the bangs back and modernize it with sculpted sides. Finished!

#15: A Layered Bob


The first impression for this simple hairstyle is comfortable. Right? Gray hairstyles can be unique as well as fantastic. This style looks simple, but give it a matte shade of platinum blonde or very light gray, and you’ll find it looks classic and it’s also easy to maintain.

#16: Elegant Bob


Actually, gray strands can be regarded as an exciting new playground of hairstyling instead of a sign of old age. Sound better? If this is the case, try this modern bob with added silver highlights. Sometimes, exposing your gray hairs is better than attempting to cover them up.

#17: Messy Grey Curls


Gray hair can go in harmony with almost any texture or color. Short hairstyle especially, still allow you to embrace your curly mane. Want to have a try? If so, you can give a medium layered cut a try. Blend in gray balayage highlights into your natural hair color to compliment this look.

#18: Simple But Chic


If you are looking for a gray hairstyle that is easy to maintain, this short cut should be the one you choose. It works well with your hair's natural texture and straight hair because the cool tapered silhouette is easily created. One thing to mention though, this haircut will require regular trims.

#19: Layered Lob


This soft medium-length hairstyle is perfect for gentle ladies. Layered curls at the ends are the key for this cut. Sweep the fringes back and add some silver highlights to complete the look. Wear delicate makeup to showcase both your inner and external beauty!

#20: Feathered Up Gray


When you are older, your hair also ages. As a result, your hair will lose some of its texture. Go to the salon to get these layers to keep your hairstyle looking full. Or, you can try a wide-toothed comb and do it by yourself.

#21: Soft Grey Curls

Longer hair is not the privilege of young girls. As for older women, keeping your tresses long can also be gorgeous like this one in the photo. Add some curls to make the whole style soft and feminine.

#22: Grey and Blonde Balayage

The truth is, this wavy grey and blonde balayage haircut can take years off you! The cropped ends and wavy style are youthful and playful.

#23: Grey and Silver

This style is a bit of the vintage style. Create some big curls with the locks. To avoid being old-fashioned, make the locks messy.

#24: A Clean Grey Pixie

If you may not bother to maintain your long strands, then just be bold to cut it super short. This clean and fresh pixie is for you.

#25: A Sleek Grey Bob

This is a super simple haircut to wear. Cut the ends in one length. No bangs, no layers. Just be yourself.

#26: A Layered Grey Pixie

This pixie is a bit longer than a normal one. With layers on the top, the whole style looks more dimensional and voluminous, taking years off you.

#27: A Punk Style

Older women with grey hair can also be cool and chic! Choose this dark grey hair color and cut it super short. You can use some hair wax to style your look.

#28: Soft and Sleek Straight Locks

When older ladies have grey hair, don’t be upset. With a right hairstyle, your grey hair will even help you win more admiring glances. This simple and sleek grey long hair is your choice.

#29: Silver Grey

Remember, metallic hair color will always make you look younger! Rock this silver-grey hue and it will give you more confidence.

#30: Greyish Blonde

In case of being boring, add some grey babylights to this blonde bob is a wise choice. This low-maintenance grey haircut you shouldn’t miss.

#31: An Elegant Grey Bob

Admit it, this grey bob is so elegant and gorgeous! With the layers and grey hair color, the whole style is absolutely head-turning.

#32: A Blend of Grey and Blonde

This style is fantastic! Although it was just a simple straight long hair, with the blend of grey and blonde hues, it’s totally different. Rock it.

#33: Funky Grey

Don’t be bound by your age. Be brave if you want to rock something special. Cut your hair in the back into a bowl cut and leave some short bangs in the front.

#34: Grey with Side Designs

Don’t give up those amazing side designs even if you are not young anymore. You can be as chic as those young girls. Cut your locks into a pixie and create a design on one side of your hair.

#35: Grey Bangs

Keeping bangs is one of the best ways to look younger. Just like this one, blunt cuts straight across the forehead.

#36: A Cute Grey Bob

This bob is so cute. Why? Unlike the normal one-length bob, the ends of this one are cropped. With those grey layers, you will look much younger than your actual age.

#37: Art of Layers

With the grey and blonde hair colors, the layers are more playful, creating more movement for this haircut.

#38: Grey with Rainbow

Under the grey cover is a beautiful “rainbow”. Bold hair colors won’t look strange on older women’s hair. On the contrary, they can help to express the personalities of aged ladies.

#39: A Simple Grey Bob

Don’t want to wear complex hairstyles? Then, forget about them! Just go simple. This grey bob with bangs is clean and fresh. Try it.

#40: Gorgeous Grey

Needless to say, curls will make long hair gorgeous, even if your hair color is grey. This blend of light blonde and grey is creative and edgy.