20 Best Hairstyles For Women With Shoulder Length Hair

Shoulder length hair is "safe" as it's never going to be as risky as a buzzcut or as jaw-dropping as waist-length hair. Wavy or straight, shaggy or sleek, medium length hair gives you a modern look that you can style according to your taste. Here're the best hairstyles for women with shoulder-length hair, and you can have a heck of a lot of fun with your mane. To start your new life of great hair days, check them out and pick one!

#1: Chic Pale Shoulder Length Hairstyles With Side Bangs


This saggy pale shoulder length hairstyle looks amazing. Tousled and messy layers bring you a casual free look and the different length bangs add to the sexuality of the look.

#2: Platinum Shoulder Bob


One of the best hairstyles for women is the shoulder-length bob. It looks elegant yet edgy because it employs beautiful platinum highlights and different length layers to create the trendy feel. You can tuck the hair behind your ear to add a feminine charm.

#3: Wavy Shoulder Length Bob


The extra body of medium length hair can accentuate any highlights. Try using a large barrel curling iron to bring in some loose waves in order to achieve the desired effect. Don't forget to pair this style with bangs, which bring an extra softness.

#4: Blonde Balayage Medium


Play-up your shoulder length hair with balayage waves. The highlights brighten the dark strands and give both dimension and texture, making it the best hairstyle for women with shoulder-length hair.

#5: Sassy Medium Length Hair With Extra Bangs


Frizzy, shaggy and natural-looking, this messy blonde bob is sure to give you a surprise. It is the best hairstyle for women who want to follow the trends. To recreate this modern look, be sure to give your hair long bangs that bring out your mysteriousness and sexuality.

#6: Pale Shoulder Length Straight Bob


A shoulder-length bob is low maintenance, especially when paired with darker roots. The pale hues make the hair stand out and are all the rage with women of all ages. There’s no excuse not to try this style.

#7: Natural Shoulder Length Hairstyle


This natural medium bob is one of the best hairstyles for lazy girls because it is extremely low maintenance. Besides, it gives you an elegant and chic image. All you have to do is to cut it shorter and ask your stylist to trim the ends when it gets longer.

#8: Messy Medium Bob With Braids


To achieve this look you can plait your hair into a crown braid on the top of your head. The medium length makes such styling infinitely easier in this case.

#9: Red Bob With Thick Bangs


Embracing the stacked bob with a red hue flaunts the overall look for all to see, as the brilliant color injects energy into the hair. Go ahead and try some thick, sleek bangs as they add an alluring sweetness too. Of course, it is the best hairstyle for women to knock years off.

#10: Rose Gold Balayage

Want to make your hair gorgeous with beautifully colored hues and a delicate styling? Then, this wavy bob with rose gold balayage is right for you. Tousle your hair with mousse for a perfectly fun-and-flirty look.

#11: Pale Medium Hairstyles With Bangs For Thin Hair


Medium length hair ensures you a number of big perks. This is one of the best hairstyles for women with fine hair as it enhances their beauty. The jagged layers and angled sleek bangs add texture and thickness.

#12: Two Tone Gradient Wavy Hairstyles


Gorgeous and elegant, this messy bob effortlessly showcases your femininity. With a two-tone color and blunt bangs, you really do reveal your inner elegance.

#13: Medium Length A-Line Bob


Go for this A-line bob and show your free-spirited nature. Blonde highlights are incorporated into the dark base, adding dimension and texture to the hair and making it shine under the sun. It is the best hairstyles to wear in various situations. 

#14: Blonde Shoulder Length Hairstyles


A combination of lowlights and highlights adds a lot of texture and dimension to the hair. Plus, the angled face-framing long bangs soften the overall look.

#15: Pink Disheveled Bob


You don't have to worry about frizz or flyaway hair with this bob. It takes full advantage of your mane to create a care-free look. Be bold enough to employ some pink hues, because it pairs so well with the style. It is the best hairstyle for women who want some freshness.

#16: Angled Sleek Bob With Highlights


This smooth and straight shoulder length bob creates an airy effect. The blonde highlights accentuate the texture and contrast with the dark base, making it an absolutely sought-after style.

#17: Update Medium-Length Bob


The subtle purple highlights elevate this classic bob hairstyle. Adding blunt bangs make it the best hairstyles to knock years off of your face. Just blow out your bob when you need a simple yet classy look.

#18: Emma Watson Straight Hairstyles


Side part your hair and ask your stylist to chop the locks in different layers to achieve the airy hairstyle most often associated with Emma Watson. It looks really cute and will knock years off you.

#19: Paris Jackson Shaggy Synthetic Hairstyle


Shoulder length styles can have many variations by simply employing some tricks to the layers and colors. Paris Jackson's shaggy synthetic hairstyle is an ideal option for women with thick hair, as it creates many different length layers to reduce the apparent thickness.

#20: Golden Straight Shoulder Length Bob


The golden color for this mid-length bob is undeniably appetizing. Smooth and natural, this low maintenance cut is one of the best hairstyles for women on-the-go or for those who want something effortless to fit into their busy days.