Abandoned Aircraft: What Happened To These 20 Planes After They Retired?

1. McDonnell F-101B Voodoo

Though the jet was covered with snow on this day, it was actually the fastest aircraft in the world in 1975. Originally built as a long-range bomber escort, it had a top speed that reached 1,207 miles per hour.


2. Nicosia International Airport

Nicosia International Airport in Nicosia, Cyprus has been frozen in time since 1974 due to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus the same year. Now the airport is under the control of UNFICYP (United Nations Peacekeeping Force) and has become a tourist hotspot.


3. Boeing 737

The mystery of the abandoned Boeing 737 plane in Bali has left tourists stunned. The plane has now become one of the islands newest tourist attractions and many visitors have come to Bali to see it parked up in a lush, out-of-the-way setting.


4. Lockheed T2V-1 Training Plane

Two pilots piloted this training plane, had a flameout and crashed into a “heavily wooded swamp” in 1962. Amazingly, the pilots survived and the nearby residential areas miraculously avoided being struck.


5. Swearingen SA-226T

Due to a landing accident, the plane crashed and was found deserted in a Central New Jersey hangar. The plane has since been left to decay beyond recognition and people have since added their own artistic flair, thus turning it in to a true tourist attraction.


6. Boeing B-52 Stratofortress

Capable of flying 8,800 miles on one tank of fuel, the B-52 bombers were produced during the Cold War. Now hundreds of them are sitting in an airplane graveyard at the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. Just imagine the magnificent scene when they roared up into the sky back then.


7. This Hovercraft

This hovercraft was never finished nor used. It was aborted and deserted at a former US Navy base in the south of Jacksonville, Florida. It seems that the semi-manufactured aircraft has undergone some serious abuse from Mother Nature and as a result has now has become an amazing piece of art in tourists’ eyes.


8. Living Inside Airplanes

There are people in Bangkok, Thailand living inside deserted airplanes, because they can’t afford housing. These families only earn a few dollars per day by collecting recycled garbage.


9. Twins Deserted On An Airfield

Two Boeing 747s sitting head to head on an airfield is now a tourist spot. Those two planes were abandoned in harsh weather conditions and have since suffered the wrath of Mother Nature.


10. MiG-25

After the dissolution of the USSR in the 1990s, MiG fighters that were once deadly military weapons, were scrapped and abandoned for children to toy with on the street outside St. Petersburg, Russia. What a change.


11. C-121 Lockheed

If you ever visit South Antarctica, ask for a guide to show you the McMurdo station, where you can find a C-121 Lockheed that has long been left in the cold. A crash brought it to rest here on the strip that is now called the “Pegasus White Ice Runway.”


12. Douglas DC-3

Another WWII warplane that landed on the Croatian border, has become a tourist site for visitors to take pictures. Because of this we now have the opportunity to glimpse the once world renowned air force carrier. Just imagine it in action.


13. Lockheed JetStar

The Boneyard Project is an exhibition of retired military planes that have been painted and given a second life by talented artists. The work of art below used to be a Lockheed JetStar, which was produced in the 1970s as private plane.


14. C-46 Commando

It seems that lots of artists are fond of making use of discarded things to create new stuff. This C-46 Commando abandoned in Churchill, Canada is a perfect site for graffiti lovers. In 1979, this plane was overloaded and forced to land on the rocks not long after it took off. Luckily, all the passengers and crew came out of the incident unscathed.


15. Airplane Graveyard, Ohio

This photo was shot at an abandoned airplane graveyard in Ohio where a WWII fighter plane was abandoned. Instead of dominating the sky, this once legendary warplane has now become a bunch of scrap metal abandoned on a gray, cold day.


16. Lockheed P-3 Orion

Since the 1960s, the P-3 Orion has been built as a crucial maritime patrol aircraft for the Navy. This now retired fighter is kept at this air base for spare parts, that are used to repair planes of the same model still in service.


17. Ford 5-AT-C

Have you ever heard of Ford Planes? That’s right. This particular Ford 5-AT-C was the only one, and not a successful one at that. It crashed in Australia’s woods after losing one of its engines. Fortunately, all 17 passengers and crew on the plane survived thanks to the smart pilot.


18. Jet Provost

This jet was used by the U.K. to train pilots in jet-powered aircraft flying, and is now deserted just outside of Bristol.


19. Jumbo Jet 747

The first commercial jumbo jet in the world was built in the 1970s and has been in the possession of a Korean couple after being decommissioned. The couple turned the aircraft into a fancy restaurant that went out of business not long after. Now, although its structure remains intact, the plane is completely deserted.


20. War of the Worlds

How serious must the casualties have been from such a deadly crash! Well, now you can relax because this is actually a prop from the Steven Spielberg film War of the Worlds. You can see it for yourself at Universal Studios in California.


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