20 Brilliant Life Hacks That You Wish You Knew Earlier

1. Charge Your Cell Phone Faster

No time to wait for your cell phone to charge up? No problem. Just turn it off or put it in airplane mode. By shutting down all the services, the battery will fill up faster.


2. Clean Stains In The Toilet

Cleaning the toilet is one of those jobs that no one likes. But there is a way to make this awful chore a little more enjoyable. Here is how: Pour a bottle of coke into the toilet bowl, and leave it for at least an hour. Then wash your bowl with soapy water and flush it. Remember that the longer you leave the coke, the better.


3. Clean Your Blender In Seconds

Instead of passing your fingers between the robot's blades, there is a simple hack that'll save you time, effort and a headache. Just fill your blender halfway with hot water, throw in some dish soap, secure the lid, and turn it on.


4. Refresh Your Drinks

If you want to cool your drinks faster, wrap your bottle with a wet paper towel or two first, and then place it in the freezer. It will get cold much quicker. Make sure the paper towels are soaked but not dripping.


5. Clean Your Keyboard

A post-it can easily remove dirt from your keyboard. First turn over your keyboard and tap out any crumbs. Then slide the sticky side of a post-it between the keys to nab the extra debris.


6. Seal Any Plastic Bag Tightly

You can use bottle caps to seal plastic bags. Ingenious, right?


7. Keep Your Bathroom Mirrors From Fogging Up

Shaving cream is a great deterrent for foggy bathroom mirrors. Apply traditional shaving cream to your mirror and wipe it down with a towel, your mirror will be fog-free for a few weeks.


8. Clean The Inside Of Your Microwave

Fill a microwave-safe bowl halfway with water and add one tablespoon of white vinegar into it. Turn it on high power for several minutes until the window is steamy. Carefully remove the bowl and wipe the inside with a clean rag or sponge.


9. Prevent Bottles In The Refrigerator From Falling

By putting a binder clip behind your refrigerator grill, you can make a stack with your glass bottles to save space and avoid breakage.


10. Unclog A Sink

Don't call a plumber in panic and don't use chemical drain cleaners if your kitchen sink gets clogged. Instead follow these steps and you can solve the problem easily: Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of salt; Pour the mixture into your sink and leave it for several minutes; Finally pour a pan of boiling water into the sink to relieve the pressure.


11. Cut A Cake Without A Knife

Dental floss can be used to cut your cake! This wire will cut your slices and will not do any damage.


12. One Tip For Toasting Bread

For BLT sandwiches, put 2 slices of bread in one toaster slot. The bread will get toasty on the outside but stays soft on the inside.


13. How To Save Space In Your Case

Instead of folding your clothes try rolling them. This not only saves space, but also minimizes creases.


14. Find Small Missing Items With Your Vacuum

Wrap a leg from a pair of tights around your vacuum and suck small objects you've lost. Check from time to time to see if the object you are looking for is trapped there. It's a great tip for finding jewelry and other small things lost in the rug.


15. Hammer A Nail Without Hurting Your Fingers

There is a trick for beginners to avoid hurting your fingers with your hammer. Take a comb to hold your nail in place and avoid pushing it too far.


16. Prevent Water From Overflowing

Does the heat of your stove often cause water to boil over the top of your pot? Next time, try placing a wooden spoon on the top of the pot. Your content will not spill over because the spoon bursts the bubbles.


17. Fill A Large Container In A Small Sink.

Try using a clean dustpan to fill a large container that doesn't quite fit under the tap.


18. Clean Foggy Headlights With Toothpaste

Toothpaste can clean foggy headlights on your car almost as well as expensive products that claim to do the same thing. Apply some toothpaste to a rag or towel, then spread it in small circles over the entire headlight. Rinse the surface with water and dry it with a towel.


19. Stretch Tight Shoes

If your new shoes feel too tight, here's a way to stretch them. Stuff each shoe with wet, but not soaked, newspaper as tightly as you can. Let the shoes dry, before removing the newspaper. Note that wet socks can be substituted for newspaper.


20. Cool Your Wine With Frozen Grapes

To cool your wine, store a bunch of grapes in your freezer, before adding them directly into your glasses. The grapes will cool down the wine without watering it down.