17 Things You're Doing Wrong Every Day

The ways you do many everyday things which you've already made as habits may be wrong, so they take up way too much of your time than they really should. Fortunately, here are 17 right ways to make the things we do every day a little bit easier.

1. Drinking Coke

To stop the Coke from leaking out, you should put a straw through the hole in the pull-tab of the can.


2. Choosing a foundation

When you are selecting a foundation, you should test the color on your neck instead of the back of your hand or your face.


3. Wearing bobby pins

Most of us may wear bobby pins in the wrong way. Actually, the wavy side should go down for maximum hold.


4. Cutting watermelon

The right way to cut watermelon is to cut it crosswise instead of slicing.


5. Removing red wine stains

You should soak a red wine stain with white wine before washing.


6. Squeezing the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube

Are you one of those people who roll up the tube of toothpaste to get every last minty drop? Use a bobby pin to get it!


7. Removing the green leaves from strawberries

Using fingers is wrong! Instead, with a straw, you can easily remove the green leaves from strawberries.


8. Holding a glass of wine

A glass of wine needs to be held by pinching the stem with your forefinger and thumb instead of wrapping your hand around it.


9. Wearing earphones

Earphones should be worn by coiling them over the ear.


10. Cleaning a blender

Add some dishwashing liquid and water, and blend it. That’s the right way to clean a blender.


11. Slicing and eating oranges

Learn from the demonstration below, and you’ll know the right way to slicing oranges.


12. Freezing Your Drink Quickly

With a wet tissue rolling around your drink, you can just put it in the freezer for 15 minutes, and the drink will be cold enough.


13. Cutting Cherry Tomatoes

Put all the cherry tomatoes between 2 plastic lids, and it will be much easier to cut them into half.


14. Slicing bread

Flip the bread over to the flat side, and you will slice it easily.


15. Connecting cords in your home

Sometimes, you plug something into an extension cord, and it rips right out. Next time, tie a knot with the cords, and they will never disconnect again.


16. Placing cheese on a sandwich

Slice the meat in half and stack them, so the straight edges align with the edges of the bread. Then, no one will eat those corner pieces that are all bread. Happy?


17. Holding large slices of floppy pizza

Before you eat the pizza, give a slight fold in the center near the crust, it will be much easier to eat.


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