15 Discounts Members Of The Military Did Not Know They Could Get

We can’t say enough how sincerely grateful we are for the service that all our military veterans, both retired and those on active duty, have given our country. As a thank you, we’ve collected 15 discounts that only they are entitled to enjoy and hope we can help a little.

1. Eating Out

We believe that all military personnel should be entitled to enjoy their favorite food for less. Many restaurants and fast-food chain stores provide discounts for those who have served our country, and for their families too. Restaurants like Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, Backyard Burgers, etc. all have great offers available. The exact discounts vary from store to store and sometimes depend on the policies of owners.


2. Auto Repairs Discounts

If you are a military member or veteran and your vehicle is broken, you should go to Midas, Big 10 Tires, or Pep Boys to get it fixed, because these stores offer considerable discounts as long as you bring proof of your service. Easy and convenient.


3. Auto Insurance Discounts

Most veterans have no idea that they can save up to $536 each year on car insurance. All they need is to check if they are qualified on the website and fill out a simple form.


4. Wedding Discounts

We don't want our heroes paying too much to marry their beloved ones, do we? Some wedding businesses provide significant benefits for military personnel on active duty, and often to veterans as well. Keep a look out for savings on engagement rings, chapels, wedding dresses, or reception venues, etc. If it doesn’t say on their terms of service, just ask.


5. Theme Park, Entertainment And Movie Discounts

We want our military men and women, those on active service or retired veterans to have fun with their families for less. It’s good to know then that some local theaters, theme parks, and other entertainment centers provide big discounts for them, Cinemark, Disneyland Resort, and Universal Studios Hollywood included.


6. Save On Medical Bills

Healthcare is essential to us all, especially when we get a bit older, and we don’t want our veterans to be left unprotected. We know seniors can get discounts on medicines and veterans too can access similar benefits, besides those offered under the general Medicare insurance plan.


7. Home And Garden Products Discounts

With a valid military ID, active personnel can improve their home anytime they want, without worrying about going over budget. They can go to Home Depot, Leslie Pool Supplies, Lowe’s, CubeSmart and many other stores to find what they need and pay less.


8. Free Home Security System Installation

One of the top ADT Dealers in America - Home Protect - provides great benefits for our veterans in home security service. For only $99, they can get a free home security system, a free $100 Visa gift card, and a free wireless remote keychain. We are trying to protect their families in our own way too.


9. $3,100 Mortgage Reduction Per Year

As a matter of fact, millions of veterans are entitled to take advantage of VA mortgage benefits, but it’s important to note that not all veterans and active military personnel are qualified to join the program. All they need to do is visit the Veteran Loans Website to check their eligibility before they can access an average saving of up to $3,100 per year!


10. Freedom Debt Relief For Those Who Owe More Than $20,000

Chances are most military personnel, and veterans have no idea that they are entitled to join a debt relief program called Freedom Debt Relief, which can help them to consolidate loans and at the same time reduce the amount they owe. Any active military personnel or veteran who owes more than $20,000 on their credit card can check to see if they are qualified.


11. Discounts On Shopping And Groceries

Military personnel and veterans can buy clothes and accessories at a lower price in some local and national stores in the US. Champion, NFL Shop, Under Armour, Walmart, Farm Fresh, and other brands provide discounts for our country’s heroes, so that they can dress better and eat fresh food for less.


12. Home Repairs Discounts

Most veterans are on a fixed monthly budget, and the cost of home repairs can be a heavy burden for them. If you are one of them, next time your stove, washing machine or heater breaks down, make sure the first thing you check is the Home Warranty Program for veterans, it could save you up to thousands of dollars.


13. Travel Discounts

Military personnel and their families can get considerable discounts on air, train, and bus travel, as long as they have an eligible ID. You can even get discounts at some five-star hotels and chains like Red Roof Inn and Hilton Hotels & Resorts.


14. Mobile And Tech Company Discounts

It’s essential for our heroes to keep in touch with their loved ones, so mobile and technology companies are usually willing to offer great discounts to our military personnel and veterans. Just go direct to the likes of Apple, AT&T, Samsung, Microsoft, and other carriers to get hold of the latest information on how to access these discounts.


15. Extend Your Auto Warranty

Most car buyers often only get a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty, and when the warranty ends, they have to pay for repairs out of their own pockets. Veterans and active personnel can try to extend their auto warranty periods and avoid paying for repairs they don’t actually need to pay.


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