15 Kinds Of Dogs Are Best For Seniors To Have

Dogs are the friends and family of human beings, and they can give the best companionship to seniors. In this article, we are going to introduce 15 ideal dog breeds that can be the best choice for seniors.

1. Beagle

Beagles are hunting dogs, but many people still take them as family dogs. Weighing only around 24 pounds, Beagles is one of the best choices for seniors. However, Beagles need to do more exercise, so housebound seniors should consider it for a second.

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2. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

If you think Pomeranian and Pug are too small, you can also choose Corgi. It has cute short legs and a medium body ranging from 24 to 30 pounds. This breed is easy to train, and you don't need to spend too much time grooming it.

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3. Pomeranian

It is so cute, isn't it? The Pomeranian is a kind of smart and pleasing dog, which has a beautiful appearance and tiny body. It is very suitable to have one in the apartment.

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4. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is also a kind of lightweight dog ranging from 9 to 16 pounds. Some dogs of this kind probably are stubborn, but most of them can be easily trained. However, you need to take care of them very well to avoid skin issues or brachycephalic syndrome.

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5. Pug

What an adorable face! As we know, pugs are usually lively, playful, and lovely. They don't need too much exercise and are the perfect partners for seniors. What's more, they are very small dogs, which can reach the requirements of keeping dogs in communities.

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6. Labrador Retriever

If you have a yard for your dog to run around in, the Labrador Retriever may be just for you. They are very intelligent, meaning they train very fast. They are gentle and loving, which make for the perfect companion for seniors.


7. Poodle

The Poodle is one of the smartest dog breeds and also one of the most popular of all dogs breeds. The best part is, you can choose your size. There are tiny Toy poodle, the small Miniature poodle, and the larger Standard. The Poodle can be a loyal and affectionate companion. The breed learns very fast and adapts well to all kinds of households. They need to be professionally groomed every month or two.


8. Maltese

The Maltese is the quintessential "little white lap dog.” The breed enjoys spending time in her owner's lap. Like the Poodle, this breed also needs professional grooming maintenance. The Maltese is fairly easy to train. Weighing only 4 to 7 pounds, the breed is very easy to handle. You can even take them around in your bag!


9. Yorkshire Terrier

Although Yorkshire Terriers have long hair that requires lots of grooming, they are small and adaptable, making them a good choice for assisted living. They need enough exercise daily, and can sometimes get a bit bossy.


10. Basset Hound

The easy-going nature of the Basset Hound makes them fantastic pets for seniors. The Basset Hound can sometimes be a bit stubborn but is very affectionate. Some fans of this breed say that they shadow you closely. Basset Hounds need daily exercise so as to not put on weight. Luckily, grooming requirements are minimal.


11. Greyhound

How can a racing dog be a good companion for older adults? You may be surprised to learn that the Greyhound is not the high-energy dog breed most people may think they are. Although they enjoy daily walks and occasional chance to run, most of them tend to be "couch potatoes" that enjoy loafing around with their owners. If you are a large dog lover, the Greyhound is breed to consider.


12. Bichon Frise

The fluffy little Bichon Frise is affectionate and makes a perfect companion. Ranging from 7 to 12 pounds in weight, this breed is extremely easy to handle. They are fairly easy to train. The breed needs to be groomed periodically but is otherwise fairly low-maintenance.


13. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier is a small dog that loves snuggling up beside her owner. Weighing from 11 to 18 pounds, the breed is easy to handle and train. They need some grooming needs, such as regular hair brushing, ear cleaning and an occasional visit to a groomer.


14. French Bulldog

It's almost impossible to be down around the cheerful French Bulldogs. They are among the happiest of all dog breeds. French Bulldogs are muscular, compact and active dogs. Ranging in weight from 24 to 30 pounds, they are quite manageable. The grooming needs are fairly little, but be aware of health concerns like brachycephalic syndrome and various skin issues.


15. Schnauzer

The Schnauzer comes in various sizes, including miniature, offering a lot of choices to a senior trying to meet a community's pet size requirements. They are playful, trainable, and good with children.


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