15 Useful Makeup Tips Making You Young And Beautiful

# Draw the outline of your lips

As people get older, their lips would be thinner. If you can highlight the contour of your lips, the volume can be easily restored.

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# Choose the yellow foundation

According to some research, women aged above 40 using the yellow foundation would look brighter than others. Try this way, and then you will be much younger than before.

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# Lip balm = brow gel

Have you found it becomes very hard to shape your eyebrows when you grow older? Don't worry! We have a good solution for you! Try to smartly use your colorless lip balm, which can not only easily shape your eyebrows but also promote the growth of them.

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# Give up the powder

When we are young, the powder can help us to absorb the oil in our skin. But when we grow older, the moisture in our skin is gradually lost. Hence, the setting spray will be better for us to reduce the wrinkles on our faces.

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# Do a lighting test before you leave home

Have you always had this feeling? Your makeup looks very pretty in the bathroom mirror. But after you go out and check your makeup under the natural light, you find your face is weird. Therefore, please do recheck the makeup on the balcony before going out of the home to avoid the embarrassing moment.

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# Blur, blur, blur

Choose primers that promise a “blurring” effect because blurring is intended to give you a base that blurs imperfections the same way a photo editor might. Apply it before foundation.


# Apply your perfume to all the right places

We know that perfume should be applied to pulse points, but that’s not just our wrists. Apply it as well behind your ears, knees, and inside your elbows. But don’t spray perfume directly on your hair.Instead, spritz the perfume on your brush and comb.


# Add volume and texture to hairstyles with a toothbrush

Braids fit people at all ages, but sometimes it can look thin and limp. With a toothbrush, you can solve this problem. You just need to gently run the toothbrush along each side of each link against the grain.


# Try a silicone blender

Believe me, absorbent sponges are out of fashion. Instead, silicone sponges, also called silisponges, are the new wave in application. The sponge doesn’t soak up makeup and oil, so it’s more sanitary and healthier for your skin and it’s easy to clean. Money-saving, right?


# To prevent accelerated aging, start applying more SPF

It’s time to look for products that protect more than just your cheeks, chin, and nose. Your eyes, lips and neck also need protection.


# Use eyeshadow…on your scalp

Age-related hair loss causes a thinning hairline. Don’t worry though, as eyeshadow can help. First of all, make sure the color of your eyeshadow matches your hair color. Then, you can apply it to your scalp with an eyeshadow brush.


# Go lighter

This tip is helpful in particular for those of us over 40 who are struggling to apply liner to the changing landscape of our eyes. Choose a medium brown eyeliner. For eyebrows, try going one shade lighter. It will make you look clean and refreshed.


# Multimasking

The exact condition of your skin varies inch by inch. Oily t-zones, red cheeks, etc. Multimasking means using different types of masks on different areas of the face and is the right thing to do.


# Hide a grown-out manicure with glitter accents

Has your manicure lasted so long that your nails have grown out noticeably? Fortunately, a new trend can solve this problem. Use a glitter polish to hide the blank part of your nail. Perfect!


# Give eyes an instant lift

Take a neutral cream shadow, concealer stick, or subtle highlighter, and apply it to the area under the eyebrow. This can boost the eyebrows and make you look younger and more awake.


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